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3PL WMS: Synapse

Make your warehouses run like clockwork


Synapse WMS is a cutting edge 3PL warehouse management system built for the complexity and unique demands of modern 3PL operations. Completely paperless, the solution incorporates RF mobility and scanning for real-time tasking across a broad range of critical functions, including:

Receiving and Put-Away

Inventory Management


Picking and Order Fulfillment

Kitting and Assembly

Returns Processing

Labor Management


Flexibility to Adjust on a Dime

The most successful 3PL operations handle unpredictability and complexity with ease, which means their software systems must be up to the task. Synapse WMS is the solution best-suited to provide the combination of deep functionality and configurability 3PLs require to adapt to fast-changing customer requirements and deliver the operational efficiency and flexibility they require. Setting up and adjusting processes is as easy as answering a questionnaire, while offering detailed configurability – even down to the item level.

All Modules (Yes, All) Included

The á la carte model can get really complex and expensive, fast. Synapse WMS is a true enterprise solution with all modules included, allowing for a predictable investment and easy scalability as needs dictate.

Proven to Never Stop Improving

Synapse WMS has a proven track record of powering business growth and operational efficiency for 3PLs. Since its debut over 20 years ago, more than 100 3PL operations have implemented Synapse and continue to use it today, managing hundreds of users and processing thousands of orders per day. But we don’t just code it and forget it. We collaborate constantly with our customers to understand evolving needs, and have regular 6-month release schedules for upgraded features and functionalities.

Get Reporting on Your Terms

Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time with deep, flexible reporting capabilities. Synapse WMS brings together data mining tools, analytics and configurable dashboards to prioritize the metrics and key performance indicators that matter to your operation in a comprehensive, easily digestible view.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.